Haluttu määrä:

Tuotekoodi2000377Tuotetiedot (PDF)
Valmistaja / TuotemerkkiJ.P. SelectaKorkeus58 cm
Korkeus (sisä)15 cmSyvyys65 cm
Syvyys (sisä)30 cmLeveys59 cm
Leveys (sisä)20 cmKapasiteetti9 ltr
Paino70 kgPower3000 W
ControlTFT touch screen

Tuotteen kuvaus:

TEMPERATURE CONTROLLABLE UP TO 1150 °C. SET ACCURACY: ±1 °C OF THE SET VALUE. RESOLUTION: 1 DIGIT. DIGITAL ELECTRONIC CONTROLLER FOR TEMPERATURE AND TIME WITH TFT COLOUR TOUCH SCREEN. APPLICATIONS: Incineration processes, drying, degradation, re-heating, thermal treatments etc. FEATURES: Interior chamber constructed from high quality lightweight refractory bricks, with a high alumina content with no asbestos or iron oxide.Evenly distributed exceptional long life heating ele- ments, annealed frequently at a high fusion point. Excellent thermal insulation made from Ceramic fibre of low density and thermal conductivity. Low consumption with maximum performance. Rapid temperature recovery after the door has been opened. Flap door with easy to change components. Support tray made from special steel used as a base to support assay material. USB and RS-232 output.