OVEN 80X60X60 380VIII

Haluttu määrä:

Tuotekoodi2002971Tuotetiedot (PDF)
Valmistaja / TuotemerkkiJ.P. SelectaKorkeus107 cm
Korkeus (sisä)80 cmSyvyys84 cm
Syvyys (sisä)60 cmLeveys112 cm
Leveys (sisä)60 cmKapasiteetti288 ltr
Paino161 kgPower5000 W
Door typesingle doorVoltage230 / 400 three phase

Tuotteen kuvaus:

FAN ASSISTED CIRCULATION. DIGITAL CONTROL AND DISPLAY OF TEMPERATURE AND TIME ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURES FROM 40 °C UP TO 250 °C STABILITY: ±0.4 °C, UP TO 100 °C. HOMOGENEITY: ±2 °C, UP TO 100 °C SET ERROR : ±2.5% OF THE WORKING TEMPERATURE. RESOLUTION: 1 °C FEATURES: 1. Microprocessor controlled with digital display of tem- perature and time, pre-programmable time start and run time once the set temperature has been achieved through the Pt100 temperature sensor. 2. Inner chamber made of AISI 304 stainless steel. 3. Pre mixing chamber made of AISI 304 stainless ste- el. 4. Shielded heating elements with complete air circula- tion, homogeneously distributed throughout. 5. Low external temperature due to excellent thermal insulation. 6. Ventilation fan to force the air to circulate in the oven. 7. Diagram showing the air flow from the premixing chamber round the heating elements to the oven cham- ber. 8. Independent insulated control box. 9. Air inlet. 10. Ventilator with adjustable outlet of 120 Ø mm. 11. Shelf guides. 12. Shelves made of AISI304 stainless steel. 13. Flexible silicon door gasket around the entrance of the chamber. AJ87614. Epoxy coated outer case. CONTROL PANEL: 1. Illuminated mains switch. 2. Temperature mode indicator. 3. Time mode indicator. 4. Display for temperature and time. 5. Operating, Status mode. 6. Delay time state indicator. 7. Push button temperature selector. 8. Push button time selector. 9. Push button "increase" value or parameter. 10. Push button "decrease" value or parameter. 11. Push button Stop/ Start. 12. Set temperature. 13. Set run time: time period from 1 minute to 9 hours 59 minutes, or up to 99.9 hours, once the set tempera- ture value has been reached. 14. Set wait time before starting the run, time period from: 1 to 24 hours. 15. RS-232 Interface output to a computer, for printer or USB adapter. 16. Adjustable safety thermostat that overrides the mi- croprocessor in case of failure, with manual reset and indicator lamp.