Flask, volumetric, class A 5ml

Haluttu määrä (x 5 kpl):

TuotekoodiFRD164Pakkauskoko5 kpl
Valmistaja / TuotemerkkiMBLKorkeus (noin)70mm
KapasiteettiStopper size10/19
Toleranssi± 0,025ml

Tuotteen kuvaus:

•Complies with ISO 1042 and DIN 12664
•Finely calibrated to Class A tolerances
•Each flask is laser etched with an individual serial number, batch code and date of manufacture
•Manufactured from chemically resistant borosilicate glass
•Conformity 'H' certified
•Inscriptions in blue enamel
•Supplied with polyethylene stopper
•Batch certificate available to download online