Burettes, PFTE key class AS, Schellbach 10ml (astejako: 0,05ml)

Haluttu määrä (x 1 kpl):

Tuotekoodi492092Pakkauskoko1 kpl
Valitse kokoValmistaja / TuotemerkkiPyrex
Toleranssi± 0,03ml

Tuotteen kuvaus:

•Complies with ISO 385
•Graduations and inscriptions in blue enamel
•Schellbach burette tube with vertical white stripe and central blue ribbon
- Facilitates accurate reading of meniscus
- exact position of the meniscus is clearly defined where the blue ribbon splits into a wide and narrow band
•With funnel top to make filling easier and safer
•Each burette has a +30s waiting time before final reading can be taken
•Manufactured from chemically resistance borosilicate glass
•Grease-free interchangeable PTFE key with 1.5mm bore