Burettes, PTFE key, class AS, works certified 10ml

Haluttu määrä (x 1 kpl):

Tuotekoodi3295/22ASWCPakkauskoko1 kpl
Valmistaja / TuotemerkkiPyrexKapasiteetti
Astejako0,02mlToleranssi± 0,02ml

Tuotteen kuvaus:

•Complies with ISO 385
•Individually tested and supplied with certificate showing exact volume dispensed at 3 points on the scale
•Individual serial number and certificate provides complete traceability to National Standards
•Each burette has a +30s waiting time before final reading can be taken
•Manufactured from precision-bore borosilicate glass tubing for high accuracy
•1.5mm bore PTFE key which requires no lubrication
•White enamel graduations