Volumetric flask, PFA, Class A, with screw cap, PFA 10ml

Haluttu määrä (x 1 kpl):

Tuotekoodi107097Pakkauskoko1 kpl
Valmistaja / TuotemerkkiVitlabKorkeus90mm
KapasiteettiKierrekokoGL 18
Toleranssi± 0,04ml

Tuotteen kuvaus:

Highly transparent.

Ring mark individually calibrated to `In ́.

Class A tolerances according to DIN EN ISO 1042.

The PFA screw cap guards against contamination.

Outstanding chemical resistance, can be used with strong oxidants, highly concentrated acids and alkalis, hydrocarbons, and ketones.

With laser-engraved lot number and batch certificate. Thermal stress up to 121 °C (autoclaving) does not permanently exceed the tolerance limit. To preserve the ring mark do not clean at temperatures exceeding 60 °C.

The advantages of PFA

  • Long-term maintenance of low-concentration reference materials in PFA containers
  • No memory effects
  • Practically no carryover, no cross-contaimination due to the extremely hydrophobic, anti-adhesive and smooth surfaces
  • High thermal stability, from -200 °C to +260 °C
  • Chemical inertness against nearly all chemicals
  • Good transparency and dimensional stability, suitable for volumetric instruments
  • Easy to clean
  • Use of high purity raw materials